​​Through the careful selection of just the right breeding stock, EverCrest offers you championship caliber Bloodlines for the discriminating Chinese Crested owners...

Quality Show dogs and the Perfect Pets..
Whether on your couch or in the ring..
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For many years our bloodlines have been tediously and selectively bred for several key desirable traits; happy, lively temperament, the unwavering need to please; a balanced, driven but steady spirit and last but not least, beautiful looks coupled with uncanny show instincts and ability.

Top 20 Show dogs including the number1 hairless bitch 2018. Multiple group placements, and BISS wins
Over 35 Champions and numorous titles both in the USA and around the globe.

Chinese Crested

Detailed explanation with photos

The Chinese Crested is believed to have evolved from the African hairless dogs many years ago and date back as one of the oldest breeds.. These dogs made there way onto  trade ships and were used as Ratters.​​​ The Standard

The Chinese Crested refered to as the Hairy Hairless
 Extreme Hairless
 Want to be Puff
  H.A.M (hairy ass monst

Quality first..​​​​​
Comapiring body types and
Understanding the Standard.