So you may be asking yourself .
                                 "What are we looking at?"

Please Note:

Thinning Hair/Thickness
Quality of coat
Shape of Teeth

And so it Begins.....
          The Transformation...

  The Chinese Crested refered to as 

Hairy Hairless
                Extreme Hairless
         Want to be Puff
  H.A.M (hairy ass monster)

The Hairy Hairless two years of growth

Please note the naked Belly.

For the New comers to the show world or for those researching the breed...or just any one looking to add to your database of knowledge concerning the Chinese Crested ... Here are some photos of what many refer to as "A want to be Puff" when born and classification made ... Many new timers and old alike are fooled.... Often times what we think is a beloved little furball called a Powder Puff .... grows and matures into a youngster with a little secret....  Painfully obvious to those trained in this deception we are faced with the trickery ...Our Puff is a Hairy Little Monster....